Taiwo Odukoya
Lagos, Nigeria

Taiwo Odukoya, petroleum engineer, author and senior pastor of The Fountain of Life Church, is an expert on leadership and relationship issues.

  • Beyond worldly titles, social relevance or belonging to cliques, always remember that you are loved and accepted by… https://t.co/Q4EylPo0LH

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  • You have the name of Jesus, therefore you cannot be disadvantaged. Step into the week with this consciousness. Decl… https://t.co/beGjUNkk9R

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  • The life you desire is yours to have. You are an heir of God, all that He has is yours. Only believe and speak your… https://t.co/i08zhfPwie

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  • Challenges don't suddenly disappear by running or wishing them away. You have capacity for victory but that capacit… https://t.co/LejpHOwI9H

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  • In order to win in life, you must learn to win in your mind. Defeat every limiting thought with words. Guard your h… https://t.co/4k8QrYic4f

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  • God does not place us on a queue when we pray. He does not stack away our requests. Go to Him boldly. His grace is… https://t.co/SQN0pP4tdd

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