Taiwo Odukoya
Lagos, Nigeria

Taiwo Odukoya, petroleum engineer, author and senior pastor of The Fountain of Life Church, is an expert on leadership and relationship issues.

  • God plants the solitary in families. Trust His process and timing. Every ordained relationship will find you, in Jesus name.

    Tweeted on 01:20 AM Sep 22

  • Every skill or experience you have, no matter how little, can advance God's kingdom. You are valuable and needed.

    Tweeted on 01:46 AM Sep 20

  • Don't be so much in a hurry that you step ahead of God. Take time out to seek divine direction. Your steps are ordered, in Jesus name.

    Tweeted on 12:57 AM Sep 19

  • We have to look at what unites us rather than what divides us. Let the leadership make this commitment. https://t.co/3lUvdSLiOz

    Tweeted on 01:24 AM Sep 18

  • Don't rate yourself by the size of your strength. Faith has no limits.

    Tweeted on 02:26 AM Sep 15

  • Faith considers as done what God says He will do. Regardless of contradictions, faith always believes, declares, and expects God's promise.

    Tweeted on 04:25 AM Sep 13